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Oil and gas

Altair Inspections is a leader in thermal inspections of infrastructure in the oil and gas industry. Our teams are made up of engineers with years of experience in the oil and gas field and our Pilots are FAA certified and trained to our extensive 4 step training programs. We use full radiometric thermal cameras with MSX technology which means we can give you results that are 4x faster than traditional methods and in a much safer manor. We are members of ISNetworld and uphold our standards to the highest level.


Solar Panel

Altair Inspections works with Asset Owners, EPCs, Asset Management, and O&M teams who want to use drones for solar asset inspection, monitoring, and management. Altair uses Artificial-Intelligence (AI) software solutions to help solar companies reduce costs and increase energy production. We
can process thermal and color imagery generated from aerial solar site inspections with drones and/or manned aircraft. Every image is analyzed with a state-of-the-art machine learning algorithm and anomalies are detected, classified, and localized. Our inspections will detect anomalies in the following areas :
• Major electrical issues (inverter, combiner box failure, reversed polarity)
• Tilt tracker issues
• Defect identification at the string and module level
• Detailed diode and cell-level issues
• Shattered and soiled modules
• Site issues (e.g., vegetation, flooding, security risks, etc.)


Wind Turbines

Collecting wind farm data can be tricky. Climbing up to wind turbine blades to inspect them for damage is dangerous and time-consuming. Once up there, some inspectors rely only on a cell phone camera to snap pictures of any problems. The inspection process of an entire field can take months.
Fortunately, Altair Inspections has the solution. We utilize new drone technology with on board sensors that allow us to collect data in a much faster and safer manor. Our flights and data capture can be run autonomously creating more accuracy for our inspection team. Our equipment has the ability to take very high resolution RGB and thermal imagery to find very small anomalies.


Cell phone and radio towers

Altair Inspections has experience performing complex tower inspections and our team has extensive training in safety procedures for this type of inspection. Our engineers and pilots are Certified Authorized Persons per OSHA 1926.502-ANSI Z359 – National Association of Tower Erectors as well as Certified Drone UAS Tower Inspectors. Altair Inspections will determine the following during our inspections:
• Structural Condition
• Inventory of what is on the towers
• Determination and what space is available for future equipment
• Storm Damage
• Climber Safety. We determine any obstacles and make sure there is a clear pathway to climb.


Commercial Roofing

Traditional methods of roof inspection can be dangerous. Using drones can minimize that risk by allowing for full inspections without ever leaving the ground. With thermal imagery, Altair Inspections can detect possible leaks and insulation/air leaks early on, preventing costly repairs. With drone technology, roofers can use the drone images to create an accurate estimate in less time. The time and resources saved means lower costs for both the roofing company and the building owner. In the past, traditional roof inspection could be dangerous. Instead of setting up ladders on unstable grounds, roofers can now do a full inspection safely from the ground in less time. Most of the time roofs that require inspection are not in the best shape so using a drone first to survey the area can prevent injuries. Inspectors can use drones to work around inaccessible areas to get a good look at the work that needs to be done. Drones also save time and costs by reducing the amount of resources needed for an inspection.

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