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Company Name

Energy Efficiencies Group


Dallas, Texas


Energy Solutions.

“Altair Inspections found an anomaly in minimal time that saved our customer thousands of dollars”

Owner Chad Davis


EEG was interested in looking for ways to provide extra value added and peace of mind for its current client base as well as  potential revenue streams in maintenance for future clients. 


EEG had a  recent Installation that the client was concerned was not operating at full potential.  Having a technician climb the roof and trouble shoot can be time consuming and costly and at times can put the technician at risk of safety .


Energy Efficiencies Group hired Altair Inspections, a Dallas based sUAS Inspection Company,  to do an assessment and find any possible problems with installation, shading of panels or any other anomalies that might cause a reduction in output.


Altair Inspections performed an inspection of the entire complex using drone technology flown by FAA Certified drone pilots. Several  anomalies were found on the flights and put into a detailed report with infrared photographs and RGB photographs. The findings showed that several cells were bad, recent overgrowth of trees was causing a loss of output and a string of 16  panels was inoperative. Altair was able to give a detailed report that could be directed to a technician instructing them exactly where to look for the inoperative strings and which inverter was involved. This resulted in a cost savings for the end client worth several thousand dollars. All of this was done with a safer solution without putting an engineer or technician in harms way.

“Altair gave our customer piece of mind that their system was up and operating at 100% capacity“.

– Chad Davis, owner EEG

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